About King Consultants

Our History

Founded in Lubbock, Texas in 1989 by Henry and Glenda King, we have been serving our clients throughout the United States with a variety of environmental, engineering and construction consulting needs. We have completed projects for independent school districts, universities, medical facilities, industrial sites, government entities, and many other clients. We take pride in meeting each problem and difficulty as an opportunity to serve our clients with honesty and integrity.



As a family owned and operated business headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, with a central Texas office located in Abilene and other locations throughout the state, we are pleased to provide signature local service regardless of location. Our staff is licensed to perform work in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and other states that recognize licensing from these states. Regardless of your location or scope of project, we are prepared to work with you on your environmental consulting needs.


King Consultants and its employees hold various licenses and certifications, individually and as a company. A partial list of these certifications/licenses is listed below:

  • Asbestos Consulting Agency
  • Asbestos Laboratory
  • Individual Asbestos Consultant
  • Asbestos Inspector
  • Asbestos Management Planner
  • Asbestos Air Monitoring Technician/Project Manager
  • Mold Assessment Company
  • Individual Mold Assessment Consultants
  • Individual Mold Assessment Technicians
  • Lead Firm
  • Lead Risk Assessors/Inspector
  • Lead Project Designer
  • ASTM Phase 1 Environment Site Assessment
  • ASTM Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

    Staff Information

    • Karlie Hassoldt - President

    Karlie Hassoldt has served as President and part owner of King Consultants since 2021, and previously oversaw the completion, closeout, and review of all abatement projects managed by King Consultants since 2018. Mrs. Hassoldt has successfully implemented new procedures and processes throughout the company since becoming president, producing significant results in office and finance procedures.

    • Dixie Rumsey - AHERA Director

    Dixie Rumsey has served as part owner of King Consultants since 2021 and holds Bachelor degrees in geology and biology with a minor in chemistry. She has also been director of the AHERA management program since 2019. Since taking over management of the AHERA program, Mrs. Rumsey has completed a significant overhaul and revitalization of numerous school districts throughout the state, introducing enhanced record keeping and thoroughness to the program ensuring complete compliance with national and state regulations.

    • Henry King - Vice President

    As the founding owner of King Consultants, Henry King has worked in the environmental industry across Texas since 1989. With invaluable experience and expertise, Mr. King continues to oversee projects throughout the state and is considered one of the industry leading consultants in the state of Texas regarding asbestos project design, mold consulting, and regulatory oversight.

    • Jace Hassoldt - Environmental Director

    Jace Hassoldt has served as part owner and Environmental Director of King Consultants since 2009. Mr. Hassoldt holds a Master of Science from Texas Tech University and oversees King Consultants' environmental projects across the state, with licenses in Asbestos, Mold, Lead, EPA Tribal Land, and OSHA safety.

    • Benji Rumsey - Operations Director

    Benji Rumsey has served as part owner and operations director of King Consultants since 2017. With a background in remediation and construction management, Mr. Rumsey has been an invaluable asset to King Consultants with job design and overall oversight and management. Mr. Rumsey has been directly responsible for the design and implementation of King Consultants project design and management on numerous multimillion dollar projects across the state.

    Additional Staff
    • Austin Williams - Lubbock Regional Manager
    • Kendon Draper - Central Texas Regional Manager
    • Clark Bolls - San Angelo Regional Manager
    • Alice Reed - Corporate Office Manager
    • Rana Coons - Inspections/Reports Manager
    • Tori Romero - Records and Documentation Manager